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what did i just watch


is there a hidden message i’m missing or

lol i don’t know what i just watched but i love it

what kind of mind-fuck was this?? LOVE IT!!!

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What Do I Call Thee?

Every time I smile,
I don’t know if they see
That’s it’s hollow
Because you’re not with me. 

Every time I laugh,
It sounds like a lie.
It’s like I’m on a cliff with only
A thin thread to hang on by.

Every time I close my eyes
All I see is your smiling face. 
It almost makes me cry
But I never do, by God’s grace. 

Every time I take a step
I make sure it’s away from you.
I miss you more than I’ll admit
But walking away is the best I can do.

February 4th, 2012 - My First Snow Fall

I watched the first little icicles drop
And I was already hating when it’d stop.
There were cold flakes all around me
As far and as close as the eye could see.
Like a little girl, I was aglow;
Excited for the first time I saw snow!
I can’t describe my happiness
But try to imagine a little princess
Barely past her 5th year,
Who’s full of glee cause the 6th one’s near. 
I basked in the light shower
I swear, I spent a full hour
Just standing in the middle of the street,
It felt almost good enough to eat. 
I started to wish my brother was there
Because we’d always dreamed of this together. 
Next year I’ll stand with him though; 
By his side during his first snow.

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